Location:Death Valley, CA

About Soulisms:

I'm not heartless, neither are any of these people you call edgy, we have imagination and intelligence, the difference between us and you is that we see the world for what it is and not this amazing place that you see, it's a pit of despair and you cant see that, I chose to never leave this dark, decrepid room, reeking of pessimism and depression, I choose to wait for someone to see through the lies I create, saying I'm okay everytime someone asks, I'll stick to laughing at tragedies and problems with our world until that someone arrives, I'll stay here, in my brain, it's still dark and decrepid but it's something I can call my own, thats all I want. So talk to me if you wish, I can roleplay and do erotic roleplays, I'm an open book if you just take the time to actually pick it up.